Who Is Estacks

At the tender age of five, already influenced by so much music around him, Eric “E-Stacks” Moore had already fallen in love with music and begun playing the lead guitar. Born and raised in Norfolk Virginia, watching his mother and Father in all their musical talent, E- Stacks was destined to be a musical great. By the age of 12 he had already taught himself to play the keyboard, organ, drums, and bass guitar. Producing music had already become his life! Growing up in church E-stacks would soon start to hear from everyone around him what astounding voice he had as well. Effortlessly, E-stacks continued to sing and make music.

He dedicated all his time to his passion and talent even starting his own group as a teenager called Phase 2. Under his leadership phase 2 was known by every church in Norfolk VA and surrounding cities too. Phase 2 would perform some of his original music being very successful everywhere they went even winning first place in the HP gospel competition in 20?…. As Eric got older his voice only blossomed awarding him opportunities to perform in venues such as the Norva … and work with the likes of the gospel Key Notes, The Canton Spirituals, Spencer Taylor and Lee Williams. E-Stacks also toured with Raheem Devaughn and Leela James. Traveling the US from California to Florida Eric has been able to share just some of his talent. Moving to Atlanta GA in 2016 to further pursue his career E-Stacks has continued to produce his music and sing; his now neo-soul sound has already made buzz. You can catch him hosting open Mic night at 2 local Atlanta clubs as well as…..

The Studio Is E-Stacks second home spending time producing and singing, currently in the production stage of his album where he’s signed with AOM. Becoming a national recording artist and producer is E-stacks dream, where he can spread his love for music and his words that God is love and Love is him. His music can currently be found on Youtube.