Who is James Lee Brooks III

I am a Practicing Artist. I believe that Art is the result of the creative approach to a serving or enlightening craft that elevates that craft to its best beauty and highest quality. To that end I am seldom inspired to the depiction of pretty little vases filled with ornamenting flowers or quaint little cottages nestled in picturesque landscapes – which presuppose that every thing in the world is just fine. Rather I would hope to produce paintings that state what I believe are important messages, teaching of history and mostly that of the African American Experience and diaspora – their assent from Slavery to a prominent voice in American mainstream. Although some of my depictions may seem a bit passe’ with regards to those who find that part of American History a bit challenging to their sentiments. I make an effort to bring into play some surprise that may take the viewer of my work a little further than that viewer might have otherwise traveled. It is also my effort to invoke thought in the minds of the viewer that he or she may walk away, after viewing my work, with a bit more information on the subject matter depicted than that viewer had prior to viewing – as these viewers may have gathered of thoughts invoked.

Art Work